Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Always Traveling Business Person and Football Fan in Your Life

New Carryon Luggage and Garment Bag

We think that anyone who travels on the regular for business should always keep a carryon bag with the essentials, packed and ready to go at all times. For many professions, it’s not a bad idea to have a garment bag with formal wear ready as well. Help your loved ones out and get them a bag specifically for travelling. Tell them its purpose and ask them to devote it to nothing except business travel. You can even throw a Loft gift card in there to help them buy some of their travel for business only clothes. If they keep it packed with clean outfits, and always have it ready to go it can save them a lot of time and stress in the upcoming months or years.

TSA Approved Toiletries

Since airports and airline security seems to keep getting more and more strict, help speed up your loved ones process by getting them the perfect TSA approved bath bag. Find out the regulation sizes and specifications and get them something durable. Once you find the right bag fill it up with TSA approved sizes of their favorite and most used products. If you want to go the extra mile, get extra travel sizes for them. Now when they run out, they just go to their stockpile.

Tablet and Gift Card for E-Books or Small Laptop

A lot of traveling business people like to disconnect from work while in the air or their hotel by reading. You can help them out by getting them a new e-reader and some gift cards to buy a good amount of books. If they aren’t as much the reading type, there are a lot of small and affordable computers they can use to download and watch movies or TV on.

Special Neck Pillow

One thing that everyone who travels on an airplane needs is a special neck pillow. Don’t be cheap and get them something that actually works. Sleep technology has come a long way and the neck pillows prove it. There are tons of good options in all budget ranges so get the best you can afford, they sure will appreciate it.

New Shoulder bag or Briefcase

For the most part, almost every popular airline allows a free carry on bag and an additional personal item. This includes purses, backpacks, briefcases, etc. As business people, they will inevitably need somewhere to put their laptop and documents while they travel. Try to find something that isn’t too big or bulky, yet spacious enough to accommodate everything they need.

A Little Piece of Home

Since they are on the road so much, give them something to make them feel the comfort of home all the time. This could be a sweater from their favorite sports team, pictures of family, etc. The little things to make them feel further from home will surely bring a smile to thier face along their journeys. Pack their favorite beard vitamins, the ones which fuel their beard properly, it’s worth also slipping in some scissors and trimmer to make sure that their beard is kept looking dapper, don’t forget to remind them of their much needed beard care routine.

A new hobby

People love hobby’s, hobbies where they can learn something new, so point them at garage craftsman, where they will learn how to use a table saw, a band saw and many other tools to create amazing pieces of woodworking art.

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